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Who is the TC3?

Who is the Tucson Charter Change Coalition, TC3?

The Tucson Charter Change Coalition, TC3, is a fast growing coalition of community groups and individuals dedicated to improving the City of Tucson’s governance structure. The coalition is committed to an open and inclusive process that will determine and recommend a set of meaningful changes to the Tucson city charter.

What is the Goal of TC3?

The goal of TC3 is to improve the Tucson city charter in ways that will make Tucson government more effective and accountable, positioning the city for prosperity and a high quality of life for all.

What is the process TC3 is using to achieve this goal?

The TC3 will host an educational meeting at the Tucson Convention Center on April 30th. This community-wide meeting will feature nationally recognized experts who will discuss the reasons cities make charter changes and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the expert panel and express their opinion on a number of proposed changes to the Tucson city charter.

TC3 is holding a series of four meetings with coalition partners, including a meeting April 30 that was open to the public free of charge. Approximately 200 people attended that meeting, which featured two nationally recognized experts discussing the reasons cities make charter changes and some of the pitfalls to avoid. The experts also gave their opinions on the proposed charter changes.

The coalition will meet in May to finalize a set of proposed changes to be submitted to the Tucson mayor and council for consideration.

How will these changes become law?

It will be up to Tucson’s mayor and council to refer these changes to the ballot for a vote of the people in November 2010.

Coalition Partners

Ken Abrahams • Stan Abrams • Randy Accetta • Steve Alley • Kristin Almquist
Nyki Anello • Rocelle Aragon • Lou Ascarrunz • Bill Assenmacher • Keith Barnes • Bruce Beach
Charlotte Beecher • Shanna Benson • Tom Bersbach • Fred Boice • Ann Boland • Betsy Bolding
Katie Bolger • John Bremond • John Brown • Ruth Brown • Ava Butler • Bill Carroll
Joan Kaye Cauthorn • Janice Cervelli • Don Chatfield • Arlene Chiovetti • Jim Click
Judy Clinco • Linda Cohen • Michael Coiro • Suzette Colley • Jannie Cox • Jennifer Cox
Joe Coyle • Hermi Cubillos • Paul Cunningham • George Cunningham • Deborah Dale
William Dobbs • Randy Dorman • Danielle Duarte • Vince Duarte • Bruce Dusenberry
Dave Ewoldt • Reynada Lynn Feeter • Diana Freshwater • J. Felipe Garcia
David Godlewski • Andrew T. Greeley • Paul Green • Rick Grinnell • Michael Guymon
Andrew Harclerode • Mark Harris • Duff Hearon • David Herman • Margaret Higgins
Dave Higuera • James Holmberg • John Humenik • Mark Jaffee • Gary Jones • Glen Kerslake
Steve King • Jim Kiser • Shirley Kiser • Rosey Koberlein • Ben Korn • Sue Krahe
Bill Krauss • David Lane • Peter Likins • David Lippman • Lillian Lopez-Grant • Lisa Lovallo
Steve Lynn • Joseph Maher, Jr. • Carmen Marriott • Glenn McCreedy • Judy McDermott
Molly McGovern • Tom McGovern • Vince Macaluso • Robert Medler • Frances Merryman
Carol Morrison • W. Edward Morton • Shirley G. Muney • Rick Myers • Rachel Neil
Colleen Niccum • Margaret O'Connor • Patrick O'Hagin • Buck O'Rielly • Rod Pace • Paul Parisi
Laura Penny • Kathleen Perkins • Lea Peterson • Donald Pitt • David Pittman • Luther Propst
Robert Ramirez • Dan Ranieri • Cara Rene • Robert Reus • C.T. Revere • Walter Richter • Bill Roe
Jeff Rogers • Dina Romero • Tommy Roof • Ron Sable • Josh Schachter • Leslie Schellie
Eric Schindler • Bob Schlanger • Nancy Schlegel • Daniel Schmidt • Si Schorr • Ron Shoopman
Keri Silvyn • Kent Simpson • R. Bruce Slabaugh • Sarah Smallhouse • Lucinda Smedley
Susan Soto • Rick Stertz • Paula Stuht • Roger Tamietti • Phil Tedesco • Catherine Thompson
William T. Tilden • Steven Tofel • Richard Underwood • Teresa Vasquez • Diane Veres
Dona E. Wangler • Josh Weaver • Jessica Whyde • Bruce Wright
Carol Zimmerman • Colin Zimmerman